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Our professionals are ready to fix all computer, software, PC and technical problems you may be experience. With over 20 years of technical service, let us show you how affordable our technical service can be. Call 256-655-7948 today!

All of our services are offered for a guaranteed low fixed price and we’ll beat any of our competitor’s prices, just ask.

We charge a flat rate fee per job, no matter how long it takes to complete. If you don’t see your technical problem listed, call and we will be happy to give you an estimate over the phone! Call 256-655-7948 today!

Computer Troubleshooting & Diagnosis of Issue(s): FREE

We will come to your home and troubleshoot and diagnose any problem you might have, and then recommend a fix. We will offer you a flat rate to fix that problem at a much more economical price than our competitors. Call 256-655-7948 today!

System Updates for your Operating System: $50

Virus Detection & Removal: $75

All viruses will be removed or quarantined, and FREE software provided to prevent future infections.

Network Installation Setup: $50

(You provide the Router) We can recommend hardware to meet your needs if you desire and we will pick up the hardware for you at no additional charge!
All networking services will ensure that your network is up and running, and totally secure. Network pricing includes initial installation of router and 2 wireless devices. $10 for each additional device!

Cleaning and Tune Up Services: $75

We will clean and tune up your PC for optimal performance!

Windows Installation and Re-Installations also available depending on Computer Processing Speed, Just ask!

We are a full in-home/on-site service business, and customer satisfaction is our TOP PRIORITY!!

Contact North Alabama Technical Services today at 256-655-7948 to schedule your on-site FREE estimate and have us come directly to you to fix any problems you may be experiencing.