$55 Computer Tune-Up

Here you will download and install the required software for the remote access tune-up.

First, download the TeamViewer(version 8) software, then answer the on-screen instructions as follows:

How would you like to proceed? (Select Install)
X  Install
Install to control this computer later for remote
Run only

How do you want to use TeamViewer? (Select personal/non-commercial use)
company/commercial use
X  personal/non-commercial use
both of the above

Once TeamViewer is installed, you will see a splash screen, close that and you will see the screen below.


Please have “Your ID” and “Password” (highlighted above) ready when your appointment begins.
Note: The password will change every time you restart your computer, or close and reopen the TeamViewer.

Once you have completed these steps you need to pay for the $55 Tune-Up Special by clicking the button below. Our technician will be notified upon payment and will conteact you within 48 hours.